Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Lighting Safety – Easy checks and precautions

Following on from the post last week here is the second installment in the guide to keeping safe at Christmas.
Things you should always do:
  • Carefully read all instructions and keep those instructions for the next time you need to use the lights.
  • Make sure the Christmas lights are not broken or damaged before you plug them in, make sure no wires are loose.
  • Only replace lamps that are the same rating and type as the originals.
  • Ensure that your outdoor Christmas lights are connected via an RCD to protect against fire risk.
  • Any lamps that have failed need to be replaced straight away. If the can’t replace the lamps than buy new LED lights.
  • If you have outdoor lighting make sure the transformers and plugs are indoors.
  • Before bed ensure that your Christmas lights are switched off.
  • To prevent fire keep the lights away from items in the home that could easily catch fire.
  • Kepp the original packaging so that your lights can be stored safely. Do Not keep in damp or overly hot conditions.
Things you should NEVER do:
  • Only use lights outdoors that are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Do not connect different lighting sets together
  • Do not plug your Christmas lights into the mains whilst they are still in the packaging.
  • Do not insert bulbs while they are plugged into the mains.
  • Do not overload sockets and try and avoid the use of extensions and adaptors.
  • Do not allow children to play with the lights.
  • Replace lights instead of trying to repair them.
  • And finally, never use lights that are faulty or damaged.
The best way to prevent accidents with your Christmas lighting is to buy LED lights from

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Electrical Safety at Christmas

Over the next few days we are going to be publishing important safety information in relation to Christmas lighting.
Every year households up and down the country will be digging through their dusty lofts and damp garages to find their Christmas lights. Badly stored, old electrical lighting and overloaded power sockets are a fire hazard. Many of the old style lights were not designed for the damp British winter or meet current stringent safety standards.
In the past most Christmas lighting was of the filament variety, which means that they may possibly be unsafe and also costly to run. The alternative is LED festoon lighting which run at extra low voltage. This makes them safer and cheaper to run than incandescent lighting.
The Electrical Safety Council of Great Britain recommend that LED Christmas lights should be used for the following reasons.
  • They operate at extra low voltage and this reduces the risk of electric shocks.
  • They use substantially less energy, with very little heat generation. This reduces the risk of fire and makes them safe.
  • Estimates suggest that they use 80% less electrical energy than incandescent lights. This means that they have a longer lifespan and are cheaper to run.
  • LED lights are made from a special compound and unlike filament lights there is no glass to break. This is another important safety feature.
  • As LED lights are more energy efficient than filaments so they save energy and are more environmentally friendly. An altogether much greener product.
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top 5 reasons to get a tablet pc

Tablet Pcs seem to be released on a daily basis at the moment. From iPads, to Kindles, to the Huddl and the Nexus. So why would anyone want a tablet if they already own a smart phone or a computer?
Tablet PC
To win over the sceptics, here at Ronfell we have carried out the research so that you don’t have to!
Well you certainly can’t fit a computer into a small bag but you can take your tablet where ever you like, especially if you have a decent case to keep it in. Tablets are great for taking to meetings, carry out quick web searches and check your emails on the move. Yes, you can do those things on a smart phone but with smaller screen sizes it can be a difficult task.
You wouldn’t write out a full report or research paper on a tablet’s on screen keyboard but they are useful for emails and managing busy schedules. At meetings they are great for jotting down notes and for storing documents. No more picking through papers to find the chart or reference details you need.
Students – no more need to carry around armfuls of heavy books. Download reference books to your tablet instead and save a few trees into the bargain.
As tablets are basically a screen that makes them excellent for catching up on tv shows and movies.Whilst you can do this on a smart phone, the screen is just too small. Yes, you can watch those shows on a pc but you can’t exactly take it on the bus to work. And there are so many touch screen games available to play. Angry Birds anyone?
As well as downloading games there is a whole plethora of downloadable content available and best of all many of them are free. If you have an iPad then iTunes is the place to go. Android users will use the Google Play Store. Social networking is always at your fingertips when you have a tablet.
Battery Life
Not only are tablets lighter and smaller than laptops, but the battery life if far superior. Battery life for an average laptop is about 2.5 hours, a tablet will last most of the day before it needs charging again. No need to carry a charger, just hook up a USB cable from the office pc to your tablet.
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 Re-design.

It’s been busy here at Ronfell for the past couple of weeks with our graphic designer steaming through leaflet designs before he jets off to get married. But in the midst of the mayhem, has had a complete re-design.

The old blue and white outdated look has been completely replaced with a new modern, responsive look. As you’ll notice, the new green theme gives the site a military look which is just perfect for the subject.

The navigation has been revamped to make it easier to navigate around the site. There are a number of ways to navigate the site whether it's through the navigation bar, or linked images. It's all a case of personal preference.

Behind the scenes, the site has an added search feature to make your browsing easier and has been made SEO friendly.

Take a look for yourself and have a look around the site at

Wednesday, 9 October 2013 Re-design

Tuesday.8.Oct.14.04 Re-design

Amid a flurry of activity at Ronfell HQ the latest website to undergo a major overhaul was Gone is the old fashioned look and feel and in is the swish new, clean looking site. But it isn’t just about colours and graphics, the navigation has been made easier to use. Finding the correct item via Nato Stock Number is now a doddle. This is aided by an excellent search tool.
As well as the public facing area of the site the back end has had a major overhaul to aid with SEO and keep the good people of Google happy and help the site be found by Ronfell’s customers.
Check out the before and after shots below or visit and see for yourself.
Before and After
natoold        newnato

Tuesday, 3 September 2013 has new items!

Wenger Swiss Gear Cases

We are happy to announce the availability of Wenger Swiss Gear Cases and Bags on 

These extremely though and stylish cases come from the makers of the Swiss Army Knife so you can be assured on quality. These cases offer protection for laptops, notebooks and any other gear or valuables you deem worthy of protecting. Take a quick look at a preview of a handful of cases below or check them out yourself by going to

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Body Armour Jackets: Redesign recently went through a complete redesign thanks to the efforts of our webmaster. Improving both site structure and public usability as well as back end coding to enhance SEO efficiency. From the two images below you can see the before and after shots of the redesign, clearly incomparable.
Body Armour Jackets

Body Armour Jackets

You can visit the site by going to where we specialise in military grade protective clothing from bullet proof vests to riot shields.